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LED Light’s bright market

Time:2014-09-07 19:01:29Source:SiteViews:455

Growing demands for consumption of electricity in commercial buildings, especially in advanced economies like United States has prompted led bulb manufacturers to come up with led bulbs.  They are good for energy saving and highly durable. The LED lightsbenefit the consumer in energy saving as well as lets them have a higher life span of the bulb used.

Scientists all over the world predict that led bulb will be occupying 46% of the commercial building lamp market by 2020. It is no mean achievement considering their appearance in the market is of comparatively recent origin.

Around 17% of the global electricity consumption hovers round lighting. In advanced economies, the lightconsumption relates mostly to the commercial buildings. Such requirements have prompted the led bulb manufacturers to use light emitting diodes as technology as well as the development of solid state lighting patterns.

Not only the led bulbsare highly energy saving but are also extremely durable in nature.

Thus there is a two way advantage for the end users.  In fact some of the companies have recently come up with bulbs that have an amazing life span of 17 years.  Benefits of these bulbs for the commercial sector where the consumption of electricity is a bare necessity are immense.

         A recent survey report by Pike Research indicates that LED lights are going to assume great importance in the market in near future. It is also assessed that in the $4.4 billion U.S market for lamps that includes industrial, commercial as well as outdoor sanitary sectors in the industry; led bulb manufacturers will be having lion's share of around 46% by 2020.

        Since the solid state lightings cost less in comparison while delivering an improved performance, LED lights are likely to turn to be a practical option for most of the commercial organizations in the world.  They are already widely used for running the traffic lighting systems as well as the exit sign lightings. It is estimated by experts that the usage will soon extend to the retail and office buildings; both professional as well as institutional. All these facts indicate that led light manufacturers are going to be the torch bearer for the lighting industry in future.

Reason for such expectations among the experts in the field is that as each field would be saturated one after another, led bulbs will enter into yet another field that remains hitherto unexplored.  Since they are not only less expensive but durable, they can serve multiple purposes very efficiently. In fact, they make ideal lighting system for all the public requirements including street lighting, commercial hoardings, sign boards as well as the lighting of commercial complexes.

It does not mean that there is no downside of the led lighting system or the led light manufacturers do not have to face any problems. On the contrary, they have to address multiple technological as well as economic hurdles to come through with flying colors. Of course the technology and cost efficacy of the solid state lighting is rapidly improving.  That is why it will be still sometime before the led lights take the lead in the lighting industry.

Yet the future is bright and quite predictable. Just as the fluorescent T8 and T5 lamps overtook the incandescent lamps; led bulbs are likely to overtake all others in the fray.
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