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LED lights market price war is reviving the United States

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" The price is the only stumbling block to the household customers."the analyst of Strategies Unlimited market Philip Smallwood said.The sharply fell price in the Cree and other enterprise ,which will effectively promote the LED bulb replacement tide." 
For a long time,many American consumers who has the willing of energy saving are stand still in face of LED bulbs light ,because of the high prices .Now with the industry's giants on price were let go, things will gradually get better, but it also means that LED bulbs price war was broken out in the U.S. market. 

The company of Cree in the United States launched a new LED bulb light whose price is $19.9 and the voltage is equivalent of 100 w on Wednesday.This brightness is the first choice for many home lighting,.So this kind of bulb light has been payed more attention by the market . 

The company of Cree who was entered the LED consumption market in the last year was became the minority leader of LED chip.Just one year,the company sold the bulb through Home Depot and the price of bulbs have felled 23% .For example,one equivalent to 60 w LED bulbs whose prices fell from $12.97 to $12.97. Mike Watson who is the senior director of Cree market and product application said that we want to make the price more acceptable by the people. 

At the same time, another giant of philip is unwilling lonely in lighting market,philip has launched a new LED bulb light whose price is $9.97 and the voltage is equivalent of 60 w on Monday.Otherwise equivalent to 100 w bulb price is $24.97.Company said all bulbs of the philip have obtained energy star certification which issued by the U.S. buyers can get kickbacks..(Cree says bulb light is equivalent to 75 w and 100 w remains to be seen through the energy star audit). 

When the giants are in fighting,The new members of the market are prepare to attend to this war.New-rising enterprise Switch which headquartered located in SAN jose, calif pointed out that equivalent to 40 w and 60 w LED bulbs now sold at $11.99.and the company is expected to sale the product which is equivalent to 75 w and 75 w at a low price 

According to market Strategies Unlimited estimates , The revenues of the A19 specifications of the LED bulbs (For 100 W incandescent bulbs to replace of the specifications of the application) is only $1 billion.Under the trend of price war ,the numbers will enlarge to $5.2 billion in the 2018

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