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LED joined the Internet of things, winner of three strokes of traditional manufacturing

Time:2014-09-07 18:58:09Source:SiteViews:474

In the view of new Pullman, IOT era has come, cannot do without the three factors of incentive:
1) chip development -- Moore's law makes the calculation speed of the chip in the past a few years rapid development;
2) the development of communication -- a variety of communications technology allows connection becomes an integral part of peoples lives;
3) intelligent products (also known as the "Internet of things" in the "object") development.
So, the Internet of things will have completely changed the traditional manufacturing industry? He made the analysis from the three aspects of pullman.
First of all, the original hardware shared value creation is software to create value, and hardware related software to create value than at any time in the past. He Pullman in intelligent mobile phone as an example, the combination of software and hardware is becoming more important in product sales. "Many of our manufacturing clients tell me, their products have millions, even tens of millions of lines of code, they can also be software company." He said chapman.
In the manufacturing industry Chinese, this trend also in development. For example, the wind turbine manufacturers envision in several years ago already put themselves to a "smart fan manufacturers" from traditional wind turbine manufacturers to upgrade, the fan increased sensor, write software code, which can realize intelligent control and operation.
Secondly, connection allows us to provide a new choice for intelligent hardware innovation in software, so as to create a "new intelligent". This reflects the subversion of cloud computing. In the manufacture of intelligent connection products, people can choose to direct most of integrated software and hardware, so you can get a faster response speed, lower the degree of Internet addiction and higher security; also can put all the applications in the cloud, so, the hardware into terminal interface, the complexity of manufacturing can be reduced greatly, and all the valuable application network through flexible configuration, wide choice, updates faster, the value of hardware will therefore reduce; of course, can also be the combination of the two, the part of the core functions into embedded software, and some applications in the cloud.
Third, intelligent connection products will bring the business model changes -- from selling products to selling services. Mode innovation Philips lighting is a typical case, they change the past sales lamp mode, signed a 10 year contract with the Washington area lighting service garage, the garage and installation of LED lamp. "LED lamp is one-time investment is large and expensive lighting equipment, but from the energy conservation and efficiency, obvious advantages." He explained the pullman. Needless to say, let the customer into a one-time installation LED lamp expensive big challenge. But Philips adopt the new service model, to obtain sufficient profits of $2000000 in energy costs they can save from each of the. During the service, Philips not only needs to provide the high quality products, good service -- will continue through the sensor, the chip for intelligent lighting system platform, through monitoring, operation and service. From the model, it is a win-win -- users get what they need "comfortable", and the manufacturing and service providers to get stable and Everfount profits
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