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Reported the outdoor LED lighting from the DOE (USA): Significantly improved of the performance

Time:2014-09-07 18:54:41Source:SiteViews:471

The United States Energy Department (DOE) had released report of Aug. 2013 pointed out that, Outdoor LED lighting still cannot reached 400W high-pressure sodium (HPS). Recently the United States DOE released a report of Caliper Outdoor LED regional lighting products actual application situation said now of solid lighting (SSL) manufacturer has can delivered this product. Meanwhile, effect continued upgrade, and lighting quality also get improved.

From reports, now a mainstream trend from last year's 6500K turning slightly warm temperature 4000K for LED lighting, high-end products have up to 150 lumens/Watt. The United States DOE said, street accounted for 23% from the survey of outdoor regional lighting application products database; Remaining of 7% is parking, ceiling and directed lamps. Meanwhile database in the has 16 paragraph products effect are over has 120 lumens/w, and which has seven paragraph products CRI over 80, only a type CRI in 70 following. Such of lighting provides has far is superior to high-pressure sodium of CRI, easy for pedestrian driving and recognition objects.400W-HPS-the equivalent lumen output of LED products still in the HPS lamp lumen output the lower end of the range, but LED products offer excellent effect. In addition, studies have shown that in lower lumen output of LED lighting a wider spectrum, providing better visibility. In fact, Seattle LED street lamps on-site testing, found the lights be installed two years ago had painted bleak, but object recognition capabilities only a little downward trend.
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